Staff Information

Who’s Who at Barnes Farm Junior School… (please scroll down the page)

Teaching Staff

Mr. T. M. Barrett: Headteacherfield work

Mrs. J. Hollick: Upper School Phase Leader

Mrs. J. Vickers: Lower School Phase Leader

Mrs. S. MacInnes: Teaching and Learning Responsibility (TLR)

(on maternity leave)

Miss J. Ronaldson: Teaching and Learning Responsibility (TLR)

Miss K. Barker: Teacher

Miss. E. Cavanagh: Teacher

Mrs. G. Gayther: Teacher

Miss J. Hill: Teacher

Mr S. Marshall: Teacher

Miss S. Nichol: Teacher

Miss D. Rudkin: Teacher

Mrs J. Heminsley-Taylor: Teacher

Miss N. Taylor: Teacher

Part-time teaching staff

Mrs. E. Bessant: Special Needs Teacher

Non-teaching staff

Mrs. A. Williamson: School Bursar

Ms. T. Damm: Admin. Assistant

Mrs. S. Paddon: Admin. Assistant

Mr. W. Locker: School Caretaker

Mrs. S. Bailey: Learning support assistant

Mrs A. Brown: Learning support assistant

Mrs Z. Clay: Learning support assistant

Mrs. S. Cornell: Learning support assistant

Mrs. H. Davies: Learning support assistant/Midday assistant

Mrs P. Eleodore: Midday assistant